Skin graft, paper skin? 
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 Skin graft, paper skin?


I am posting because tomorrow I will see a surgeon and he will examine
and advise. I fear that since he is a surgeon, he might be hasty in
advising surgery when something less traumatic could suffice.

I have been on high dose Prednisone for years and have paper skin on my
legs. A week ago I had a 5"cresent shaped skin tear on my calf. The ER
doc stretched the flap almost closed with Steri-strips and sent me home.
Yesterday, it looked a bit infected and much of the flap is black. Back
to the ER and they set me up to see a surgeon for advice/treatment.

I asked the ER doc what might be done. He said he did not know, but
perhaps a skin graft. However, since all the skin on my calf is paper
(without collagen (sic)) he did not know if normal grafting would work.

So Assuming the necrotic skin will be removed thus exposing a large area
of tissue, does anyone know of some artificial covering that will work.
Like some sort of plastic?

Considering all the medical problems I have been through (amputations,
etc). this seems like small stuff. However, for some reason I am really
worried this time.

Please advise.


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Fri, 28 Oct 2005 12:08:43 GMT
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