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 Hearing Loss

Greetings fellow netters!

My husband just started a new job last week, and health ins. hasn't kicked
in yet.  So what happens? He gets really sick.  I am trying to determine
whether or not he should go to the doctors. Here are the symptoms:

high fever
constant sneezing
very bad hearing loss in right ear, accompanied by difficulty maintaining
  his balance when walking

The last time he had a cold like this with the hearing problem he tells
me he experienced a permanent partial hearing loss in his right ear. Now,
he didn't go to the doctors, so there is no way of knowning whether
or not that was a coincidence.

I would appreciate any advice. My husband and I are working our way
through college, so money is pretty tight!!

Julianne Marshall

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Mon, 07 Aug 1995 02:47:11 GMT
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