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 gout a case study

I hope that I have your interest. This is a personal story. I injured
my toe several years ago and had an elevated uric acid level and of
course a sore toe. I took allapurinol for about a year and developed
some interesting side effect: Bad breath,  mouth ulcers, and a tremor
of my lower left eyelid and eventually my left side of   my face had
a tremor. I stopped taking the Allapurinol and noticed  an immediated
decrease in frequency and intensity of the eyelid tremors but the sore
toe returned just as quickly. My internist says that the improvement in
my bad breath and lack of ulcers as well as the reduction in tremors
 is mere coincidence. What does the internet medical community think?

Mon, 13 May 1996 10:24:10 GMT
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