Better cosmetic surgery, visible light imaging 
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 Better cosmetic surgery, visible light imaging

I posted this to several groups because I want people to apply
(perhaps I should say create) the technologies I'm about to describe.

If you read this in misc.invest I want you to invest in it, or suggest
it to whoever you think might be appropriate.

If you read it in I want you to critique it.

...and wherever you read it, enjoy it!

I read in a recent issue of Science News (late 89 or 90, sorry) that a
method of using visible light as an imaging tool had been found.

By beaming a hologram into tissue and comparing the returning light
they managed to image 6.4 cm of depth at 1/3 of a millimeter.

The researchers involved suggested that it might be a less
dangerous way to screen for {*filter*} cancer.

Here's my question:

would this be a good tool for cosmetic surgery?

that is, might one get one's "microstructure" scanned
at a youthful age with today's technology, and get all
the tissue readjusted (CAM/CAS) sometime in the future?

or, perhaps more realistically, might one get one's microstructure
scanned, have the data analyzed for
aging, and then get preventative plastic surgery so
that one would appear to age more slowly?

The more I thought about this idea, the more fun I had.  

Eventually I thought of a new (?) kind of medical implant:

1) take memory material in wire form
2) place several frequencies of sinewave on the different strands
3) braid or otherwise group the strands, some in straightened
   form, others not
4) implant this fourier-transformable material
5) activate to taste.

Ideally such a material would be able to act as a permanent
tissue puller/pusher.  You might be able get variations in

If the implants could somehow be noninvasively controlled
you could get up in the morning and decide what kind of
cheeks and chin you wanted!

-followups to
 ^n of my friends wanted horns, but I was sad to think
about a standard business "bone structure"...

(Hey! that power chin looks good on you, but it clashes with
your tie)...

...These ideas are hereby declared to be in the public domain, however
please leave my name and mailer attached.  ...and please, give me a free

Sun, 06 Dec 1992 11:11:46 GMT
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