Self examination (was: testicular cancer) 
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 Self examination (was: testicular cancer)


>> >As a lay person, I have been told by my doctors to check myself after each
>> >shower for any testicular lump, hard spots, sore spots, or other
>> >abnomalities.  Self exam is the first test.
>   Before anyone gets too worried,let me tell you a couple of things what
>I have learned in the past two years, since my son had testicular cancer:
>   2.Testing for lumps is advisable for every male, even though cancer
>occurs mainly in relatively young {*filter*}s, ages 15-40.

>   3.If you feel an unusual lump which is growing, do not waste time and
>see your urologist right away.
>   5. If in doubt go and see your doctor. Time is very important-do not
>put your visit off. It could save your life.

    Just wanted to emphasize what (at least they are telling us as we train
to be doctors) is the most important part of a self-examination. This goes
for {*filter*} exams and skin exams as well as testicular exams:
    Cancers are dangerous because they grow, and as they grow they change
the feel of the organ they are in (of course, you can't do a manual
self-examination of your lungs, so it only works for certain things ;-)  So,
the biggest thing a self examination is looking for is change. And, while it
would be very expensive to go see your doctor once a month to see if
anything changes, it's very easy to do it on yourself.
    Otherwise just want to second what has been said... testicular cancer is
a very treatable cancer, so long as someone knows it is there.          -J


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Tue, 14 Oct 1997 03:00:00 GMT
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