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 Selective Placebo

L(>  |JB>  1) Ron...what do YOU consider to be "proper channels"...
L(>  |  I'm glad it caught your eye. That's the purpose of this forum to
L(>  | educate those, eager to learn, about the facts of life. That phrase
L(>  | is used to bridle the frenzy of all the would-be respondents, who
L(>  | otherwise would feel being left out as the proper authorities to be
L(>  | consulted on that topic. In short, it means absolutely nothing.
L(>  An apt description of the content of just about all Ron Roth's
L(>  posts to date.  At least there's entertainment value (though it
L(>  is diminishing).

     Well, that's easy for *YOU* to say.  All *YOU* have to do is sit
     back, soak it all in, try it out on your patients, and then brag
     to all your colleagues about that incredibly success rate you're
     having all of a sudden...

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Mon, 09 Oct 1995 17:09:03 GMT
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