Cold medicine during pregnancy 
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 Cold medicine during pregnancy


I am pregnant and have been plagued by severe colds all this winter and spring.
Right now, as I am writing this, my nose is completely blocked, my eyes are
watering, my throat aches, my head feels heavy, and I am running a low fever.
In general, I feel like I just want to crawl into a dark corner and die.

I have asked a gynechologist about this during my visit, but it seems that the
medical consensus here in Sweden is : NO {*filter*} DURING PREGNANCY, NOT OF ANY KIND,

Unfortunately, I don't have any medical training to dispute this verdict, but
I am a sceptical person, by nature, and I find this kind of a whole-sale ban
on all medication difficult to accept.

At home, I have some Sudafed, Contac and some antihistamine (don't remember the
name) that my mother has sent me from the U.S.  So far I haven't taken any,
because I am completely ignorant of the risks.  Does one tablet of Sudafed
automatically translate to a baby born with two heads?  

I can't sleep when my nose is blocked, I keep waking up and gasping for air.
Because of this, I've been feeling very jumpy and tired lately.  This couldn't
be so great for the fetus either, could it?

Please help me with some information.  (I am beginning my 2nd trimester).


Fri, 20 Oct 1995 17:06:39 GMT
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