Need Reference: Multiple Personalities Disorders and Allergies 
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 Need Reference: Multiple Personalities Disorders and Allergies

I heard third-hand (not the best form of information) that there was recently
published results of a study on Multiple-Personality-Disorder Syndrome
patients revealing some interesting clues that the root cause of allergy may
have a psychological trigger or basis.  What I heard about this study was that
in one 'personality', a MPDS patient exhibited no observable or clinical signs
of inhalant allergy (scratch tests were used, according to what I heard),
while in other personalities they showed obvious allergy symptoms, including
testing a full ++++ on scratch tests for particular inhalants.

If this is true, it is truly fascinating.

But, I'd like to know if this study was ever done, and if so, what the study
really showed, and where the study is published.  Any help out there?

Jon Noring


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Mon, 09 Oct 1995 04:54:24 GMT
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