Bone marrow, again 
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 Bone marrow, again

A healthy, active 70-year-old woman I know has just been asked to
donate bone marrow by a desperate brother in his mid 60's.  Any and
all advice and comment is requested.  Please send me *mail*, the
newsgroup has probably had its fill of this topic by now.

The woman has kept herself in remarkably good condition and health by
living an active and fulfilling lifestyle, while her siblings in
another part of the country have followed the modern American path
toward degeneration from inactivity, high-fat diets, smoking, etc.

The medical question is what are the risks?

The m{*filter*}question is should she risk her carefully guarded health for
someone who has not bothered to care for his own?  For a brother she
has seen perhaps three times in thirty years?
{*filter*} St.Peters, GE Corporate R&D, Schenectady, NY

Mon, 19 Apr 1993 20:13:00 GMT
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