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 Help/Information - Heart Valve Surgery

   My name is Jennifer Keith. I am currently a Senior student at
University of California, Santa Cruz. My e-mail address is

some information or referrences concerning a replacement heart valve
surgery.  Unfortunately, a close, young family friend in Guatemala
needs two mechanical heart valves urgently - the aorta and the mitral.
He is unable to receive this surgery until sometime in November, though
his health has been steadily deteriorating.  There is a danger that his
heart could deteriorate past the point of repair, or further
complications may develop with other vital organs.  Currently, he is
loosing feeling in his feet and has increasing congestion in his lungs
due to the failure of the valves.  
   If there is anyone who has any suggestions or information as to how
we could find him a surgeon willing to perform the surgery in the
United States, gratis, or nearly so, please write me at

get him treated at a teaching hospital, anything would be appreciated
greatly.  We are fairly certain that a family friend is willing to be
responsible for his recovery care.  Thank you for your time.

Jennifer M. Keith

Once again, thank you - any help would be invaluably appreciated.

Sat, 18 Jan 1997 05:42:01 GMT
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