Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 
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 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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 > Look for PEP.  If it is there, then head for a doctor.  Usually some minor
 > chronic condition will be responsible.  In the absence of PEP,
 > head for a psychologist or psychiatrist to find out what happened.
 > One HAS to want to do things, even if the body is incapable...
 > Here's where the doctor can help to restore physical and emotional
 > well being.  The psychologist is the one to check for emotional
 > and non-overt mental inconsistencies...  (Many a "true" medical
 > cause has been obscured AND WORSENED by dalliances with psychiatrists

Please don't try and apply the normal guidelines to CFS. They don't work.
This is what leads many of those afflicted into a round robin of
physician-neurologist-psychologist with no one claiming them. It is a very
specific syndrome as defined by the CDC, and only one of the indications
is the fatigue (or as defined by you--absence of PEP) Indications are that
it is related to an immune dysfunction.

With attention to the CDC definition it is not difficult to identify most
CFS patients, though the first part of the definition is to rule out other
conditions that could account for the symptoms.


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