Smallpox vaccination & the Leicester method 
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 Smallpox vaccination & the Leicester method

Applying the Leicester method of non-vaccination, and sanitary methods would
save 189,000 lives per year, according to their figures.  It makes the
obvious conclusion that smallpox vaccination was killing 189,000 people in
the UK when enforced.


Chief Sanitary Inspector,. Mr. F. Braley:
"Taking the groups of years dealt with by me before the Royal Commission on
Vaccination, our average annual small-pox death-rate during 1853-57, with a
moderate amount of vaccination, was only 91 per million population. But when
vaccination had been continually and largely practised for a quarter of a
century, and had reached over 90 per cent. to the annual births, and when,
of course, its assumed protective power should have been greatest, our
small-pox death-rate had progressively risen to an annual average of 773 per
million population in 1868-72

"Our death-rate from the seven principal zymotic diseases, namely,
small-pox, measles, scarlet fever, diphtheria, whooping-cough, common fevers
(typhus, typhoid, and continued fever), and diarrhea, averaged annually for
the five years 1868-72 no fewer than 6852 per million living, with over 90
per cent, of primary vaccinations to births. This is the highest vaccination
rate and zymotic death-rate we have ever had recorded for Leicester. In
1888-89, when primary vaccinations were only about 5 per cent, of the
births, the zymotic death-rate had fallen td only 2304 per million. On our
Leicester population alone this would mean a saving of nearly 680 lives each

"Without going into unnecessary details, I may observe that the improvement
in our general death-rate amongst children shows equally remarkable results.
With over 90 per cent, of primary vaccinations to births in 1868-72, our
death-rate from all causes, of children under five years of age, was 107;
under ten years, was 61 ; and under fif{*filter*} years was 45 per 1000 living
under each of those ages respectively. While in 1888-89, with only about 5
per cent. of primary vaccinations to births, each of these death-rates had
fallen enormously. The death-rate under five years had declined to 63, that
under ten years to 35, and that under fif{*filter*} years to 25 per 1000 living at
each of the given ages respectively.

"This would represent a saving of about 880 lives under five years, of about
988 lives under ten years, and of about 1080 lives under fif{*filter*} years of
age, inclusive and respectively for each year in Leicester.

These figures as compared with times of high vaccination mean an additional
saving of about 1400 lives each year in Leicester alone, above the normal
rate of saving in England and Wales. If this extra gain could be similarly
achieved by the cessation of vaccination in the population of the whole
country, other things being equal, it would mean an enormous saving of life
beyond that which has actually been effected. The population of the United
Kingdom for 1888-89 was estimated by the Registrar-General to be over
37,000,000. On this population an annual saving of about 189,000 lives would
be effected. Even allowing an ample margin for possible errors in the
calculations of the Registrar-General, these figures are sufficiently
momentous to claim serious consideration.

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 Smallpox vaccination & the Leicester method
John, I think you need to get some reality. Something that is 140 years
old really does not have much bearing today when it comes to medicine.
Get real John.

Jeff Utz

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Sat, 24 May 2003 03:00:00 GMT
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