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 sleep apneas

        My apologies if this is the wrong forum for this.  I am not a
regular reader of this group.  I'm just popping by in the hopes to get
some help with a situation that my sister has.
        Basically, my sister has sleep apneas.  She gets what I would
call a seizure at night (sometimes).
        Would it be possible for someone to explaoin to me better what
this is.  Also, is it related to a seizure (California has a rule that
people who have seizures can't drive - even though this only happens
at night, she might still get stuck with this)?  Are there any
corrective measures?
        Thanks for any help.


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Mon, 04 Dec 1995 10:53:39 GMT
 sleep apneas
There are two basic kinds of sleep apneas: Central and Obstructive

Most of the sleep apneas seen in {*filter*}s are of the Obstructive type,
and have been associated with obesity, drinking, and smoking.

The central type is associated with Central Nervous System problems.
Seizures can be either a cause or a result of apnea. Your sister
should be evaluated by a specialist (neurologist or sleep apnea
study center).

Good luck!

Renee Roberts

Mon, 04 Dec 1995 20:30:01 GMT
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