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We would like to introduce ourselves to the medical community.

We are an Orthopaedic Department from the University of Western Australia, Perth.  
The Head of the Orthopaedic Department is Professor J.M. Sikorski and Senior
Lecturer is Mr David Wood.  Orthopaedic surgeons working with the Department
include: Mr F.W.S. Easton, Mr R.C. Edibam, Mr P. Hardcastle, Mr M.C. Hay, Mr M.
Holt, Mr P. Honey and Mr I. H. Stewart.

Currently, there is no News Group for Orthopaedic Surgeons, and there seems to be
no news groups established specifically for clinical discussion for the Medical
Profession.  Electronic mail would provide a new alternative for Orthopaedic

We would like to generate a Mailing List and commence formal academic discussion
by using Clinical Case Reports .  Our specific area of interest is  SOFT TISSUE AND
BONE TUMOURS.  Other clinical case reports or discussions are welcomed at any

Discussions, General Correspondance and any further interest in establishing an
Orthopaedic Electronic News Group can be made to the following E-Mail address:

 (Allison Wheatley)

Written correspondance can be made to:

Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
2nd Floor, M Block
Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre
Verdun Street
Nedlands  6009  Perth
Western Australia

Our first clinical case is as follows:

We report on a 28 year old caucasian male with multiple osteochondromata affecting
his lower limbs.

He presented originally age 7 with lumps on his left patella which were excised.  He
has subsequently gone on to have bilateral patellectomies for functional loss and mild
discomfort.  The left patella weighed 1000 grams, measured 22cms in length 14cms in
width and 7cms breadth.  Histologically, the bulk of the tissue was unremarkable with
well formed trabecular bone and some mature cartilage and fibrocartilage.  However,
some of the cartilaginous areas did show less organised cartilaginous growth, with
some chondrocytes exhibiting cytologic atypia and forming disorganised aggregates.
No mitoses were identified.

He has had similar excisions of large bone masses from his right os calcis and
extensor aspect of his left ankle.  In the latter case, a sheet of ossified tissue extended
distally from the tibial diaphysis anterior to the ankle joint to lie over the tarsal bones.
This sheet was discontinuous in areas.

There is no family history of multiple osteochondromata and no endocrine

We would be interested to hear of any similar cases of formation of excessive

Dr Robin Turner
Senior Registrar
University of Western Australia

Sun, 22 Oct 1995 10:37:04 GMT
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