Rider's (sp?) Syndrome. 
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 Rider's (sp?) Syndrome.

A co-worker of mine has been out of work, and mostly in the hospital, for
the past month suffering from Rider's (sp?) Syndrome - swelling in all of
his joints and lots of pain.  He was on some kind of IV solution and
steroids for a while and was getting better.  Now he's home and off of the
IV; just taking the steroids.  Now he seems to be getting worse again.
I'm wondering, is it time for him to see another doctor?  What is the
typical treatment and recovery process?

If you post, please send E-mail telling me to look for the news because I
don't always check the system.

Thank you,
Wayne Scott

Mon, 19 Apr 1993 21:01:00 GMT
 Rider's (sp?) Syndrome.
Have him examine the relationship of his mental attitude to his health.
Is he stressed?  Depressed?  Relying on the doctors to heal him and not
working on it himself?

Read Norman Cousins' book, "Anatomy of an Illness"... he recovered from
a similar problem.


Mon, 19 Apr 1993 22:31:00 GMT
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