Cholesterol levels 
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 Cholesterol levels

I know that the official recommendation for cholesterol is 120 to 200 and the
recommended level for triglycerides is 20 to 200.  I want to know what levels
of these two substances are correlated with NO risk of heart disease and what
level is required to reverse heart disease (as in the program by Dean Ornish).  
I think someone here said that in the Framingham study only people who had
cholesterols of 150 or less had NO heart disease (they didn't mention
triglycerides).  Do both of these have to be below a certain level or can one
be higher if the other is lower?

I saw something on TV where they said that one of the biggest risks of heart
disease was having excessive fat in the abdomen (I think they meant inside the
abdominal cavity).  They said a good way to determine if one has excessive
abdominal fat is to divide your natural waist measurement by your hip
measurement.  In men the ratio should be less than 0.95 and in women it should
be less than 0.80.  They said the reason was that fat cells in the abdomen
release fatty acids into {*filter*} vessels that go directly to the liver.  They
didn't say if the increased risk was because of increased cholesterol or if
the increased risk was independent of cholesterol levels.  Does anyone have
any more information about this?  Thank you in advance for any replies.


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Thu, 20 Oct 1994 21:41:00 GMT
 Cholesterol levels
If you want to have no risk of heart disease, donate your heart now.

There is always a risk of heart disease with any level of any {*filter*}
parameter, or anything else for that matter.

The above opinion is not that of the IBMPCUG.
In fact, it may not be my opinion, either.

Sun, 23 Oct 1994 07:47:04 GMT
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