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               >>>>>OFFSHORE MEDICAL SCHOOLS<<<<<

     In these times where everybody and their grandmother is applying to
medical school, it is important to realize that if you are serious about
pursuing a medical education, and willing to do whatever it takes, you
must EXERCISE ALL YOUR OPTIONS.  I stumbled upon this information and I
would like to pass it on to all the eager pre-meds out there who are
serious about pursuing medicine and are willing to exercise all their
options.  Keep in mind that EVERYONE, including the people in offshore
schools takes the USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Exam) and as
long as you pass all parts (there are 2 parts before you graduate and 1
part afterwards), you are no different than the person who went to
school in the states.  Here is a list of the schools outside of the
U.S. that accept American students, teach in English, and accept federal
financial aid programs.  Most of these schools have an American
correspondence office and most of them have 2 incoming classes, a fall
and a spring, so if you didn't get into a school for the Fall, you can
still apply to these schools to enter in the spring, something that
American schools don't do.  All of these schools are registered with the
U.S. Department of education and thus can participate in the Federal
Stafford Loan Programs.  Also most of these schools are owned by
Americans, so the teaching is modeled after the American system.  Here
is the list:

1) St. George's University School of Medicine
   Island:  Grenada
   American contact: Medical School Services Ltd.
                     One E. Main Street
                     Bayshore, N.Y. 11706-9990
                     (800) 899-6337

2) American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine
   Island:  Montseratt
   American contact: Medical Education Information Office
                     901 Ponce de Leon Blvd, Suite 201
                     C{*filter*}Gables, Fl 33134
                     (305) 446-0600
  NOTE=>****This school has THREE incoming classes per year:  September,
            January, and May****

3) Ross University School of Medicine
   Island:  Dominica
   American contact: Dr. Bob Gelles
                     480 W. 34th Street
                     New York, N.Y. 10001
                     (212) 279-5500

4) Spartan Health Sciences University School of Medicine
   Island:  St. Lucia
   American contact: U.S. Information Office
                     Skypark II
                     6500 Boeing Drive, Suite L-201
                     El Paso, Texas 79925
                     (915) 778-5309

5) University of Health Sciences School of Medicine
   Island:  Antigua
   **No American office, but you can contact them directly**
   contact:  Dr. Clement
             (809) 460-1391
             (809) 460 1477 (fax)

6) Universidad Mundial Dominicana Escuela de Medicina
   **classes are in English**
   Island:  Dominican Republic
   Contact:  Dr. Margarita Corniere (she speaks english)
             (809) 531-1000

7) Universidad Eugenio Maria de Hostos Escuela de Medicina
   **classes are in English**
   Island:  Dominican Republic
   Contact #: (809) 532-2495

8) Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara
   **classes are in English**
   country: Mexico
   American contact: 10999 IH-10 West, Suite 355
                     San Antonio, Texas 78230-1356
                     (210) 561-9559
                     (800) 531-5494

9) Medical University at Pecs
   **classes are in English**
   ***This is a 6-year medical school***
   country: Budapest, Hungary
   American Contact:  Dr. Carmine Sippo
                      Worldwide Medical Education Institute
                      318 Fourth Street
                      Union City, New Jersey 07087
                      (201) 867-2864

10) I.P. Pavlov First Medical Institute
    **classes are in English**
    country: St. Petersburg, Russia
    American contact: R.A.M.I.
                      427 Bedford Road
                      Suite 100
                      Pleasantville, N.Y. *****
                      (914) 747-4949

11) Touro College School of Health Sciences
       ****5-year program****
    **This is a MA/MD program in conjunction with the Technion
      in Haifa, Isreal.  You spend 1 year at Touro College in Long
      Island, N.Y., and 4 years at the Technion in Haifa, Isreal.
      All classes are in English. At the end, you get 2 degrees,
      an MA and an MD.
    country:  U.S.A. and Isreal (joint)
    American contact: Touro College School of Health Sciences
                      Biomedical Program
                      Building #10
                      135 Carman Road
                      Dix Hills, N.Y. 11746
                      (516) 673-3200

12) Saba School of Medicine
    island:  Saba (part of the Dutch Antilles islands in the Caribbean.
                   It is still a Dutch Colony.  It is close to St. Maarten.)
    American Contact:  Saba School of Medicine (American Office)
                       Augusta, GA
                       (800) 825-7754
                       (706) 731-0010
  NOTE=>****This school will be eligible to receive Federal Loans starting
            February of 1995.  Also, this school has THREE incoming classes
            per year:  September, January, and May.****

     Hope this helps in your quest for a medical education.  If anyone
out there knows of other schools, feel free to add to this list.  
Any comments, questions, or criticisms, send them to me at


Fri, 09 May 1997 10:29:20 GMT
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