Hey, listen to me ! ROFTL 
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 Hey, listen to me ! ROFTL

Medline ID: 96231343
Citation: McCreesh Z, Evans NE, Scanlon WG, {*filter*}l temperature sensing
using UHF radio telemetry., Med Eng Phys 18: 2, 110-4, Mar, 1996.
Address: Northern Ireland Bioengineering Centre UK.


User-induced errors are common when women repetitively employ
conventional probe type thermometers to chart their basal body
temperatures in an effort to indicate ovulation. An alternative
technique employing a two-part telemetric thermometer is proposed, with
low-power, SAWR-controlled UHF radio as the transmission medium. Worn
overnight in the {*filter*}, the 1 microW erp telemetry transmitter sends
pulse modulated data continuously to a microcontroller in a nearby
receiver; a real time clock enables programmable sampling and storage of
the subject's temperature to 0.1 degrees C resolution. Initial clinical
results indicate an enhanced performance compared to {*filter*}and axillary
temperature trends taken by a mercury-in-glass thermometer. Polar plots
of both the isolated and body-worn telemetry transmitter are presented;
body induced attenuations of up to 30 dB were measured.

ISSN: 1350-4533
Language: Eng
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           Biomedical Engineering
           Body Temperature  
           Ovulation Detection  
           Radio Waves
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