Yugoslav doctors appeal 
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 Yugoslav doctors appeal

 Yugoslav Ambassador to the United Nations communicated
to U.N. Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali
Yugoslav doctors' appeal to the international community
for the lifting of the May 1992 sanctions against Yugoslavia.
 The doctors adopted the appeal at a recent meeting, held in
Belgrade on the occasion of world health day.In 1992 and 1993
alone, the number of new-borns dropped by 24,000 compared to
1991, while the number of deaths rose by 10,122, which resulted
in the drop of the birth rate to 13% in 1993 from 16% in 1986,
the appeal said.
 The doctors said that the death rate resulting from
cardiovascular diseases increased by 434%, diabetes by 152%,
chronic bronchitis by 135%, brain haemorrhage by 134% and
tuberculosis by 52%, while the number of suicides rose by 20%.
The Yugoslav doctors said that figures were especially dramatic
regarding the increased number of infant and child disease and
mortality rates, prematurely born babies, pathological
pregnancies and children born with high risk, which represented a
long-term jeopardy to the vitality and survival of the nation.
 The doctors said that new-born babies and children were
dying from serious infections such as sepsis, meningitis,
pneumonia and intestinal infections, which could rarely be found
in the civilized world.
 The Yugoslav doctors' appeal said that the lifting of the
sanctions, which punished women, children, the aged and the ill,
would put an end to the agony of the nation.
 The sanctions most directly jeopardize health and biological
integrity of all Yugoslavia's citizens, who are condemned to
illness, suffering and death, the appeal said.
 Calling for the lifting of the sanctions against Yugoslavia,
which turned the country into a concentration camp, the Yugoslav
doctors also requested that the sanctions should never again be
implemented anywhere in the world.

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