Relief of Pain Caused by Cancer 
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 Relief of Pain Caused by Cancer

 I am not sure if this is the proper group to post this to but here goes anyway.

 About five years ago my mother was diagnosed with having cancer in the lymph nodes
 under one of her arms. After the doctors removed the cancerous area she had full movement
 of her arm with only slight aching under her arm when she moved it. Over the course of
 the next two years the aching got more severe and her complaining to the doctors produced
 the explanation that it was scar tissue causing the pain. At this time her doctor
 suggested that some physiotherapy should be employed to break up the scar tissue.

 While attending one of her therapy sessions, while her arm was being
 manipulated, some damage occured (nerve?) which caused the level of pain to permanently
 increase severly (controlled by Tylenol 3s) and some loss of use of the arm (
 palsied wrist and almost no outward lateral movement). With great persistence on her part
 the doctors looked further into the issue and discovered that not all of the cancer had
 been removed and another tumor had grown under the arm. This was removed also but the
 pain in the arm has not decreased. The doctors are not sure exactly why the pain is
 persisting but feel some sort of nerve damage has occured and they have employed Tylenol 3
 and soon Morphine to relieve the pain. She has tried acupuncture by this only provides
 minor reductions in pain and is only short term.  

 My questions are:

     Has anyone has heard of similar cases and what, if anything, was done to reduce the
     levels of pain?

     Are their methods to block nerves so that the pain can be reduced?

     Are their methods to restore nerves so that loss of arm function can be restored?

  Any general suggestions on pain reduction would be greatly appreciated.

  Please respond by email because I do not always get chance to read this group.

  If anyone knows of some literature that may be useful to this case or another newsgroup
  that I should be posting this to it would also be appreciated.


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