Hair loss: causes and prevention??????? 
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 Hair loss: causes and prevention???????

What are some normal causes of hair loss?

The only one I know of is genetic, passed on by the maternal grandfather.
Are there other ways to genetically pass on this gene?

What other normal or usual conditions can cause hair loss?

Is there anyway to prevent hair loss?

I seem to be experiencing a slow gradual receding hairline. It is not
noticible to anyone else yet. I do not know of any genetic factors that
might be contributing to this. My mother's father had a full head of
hair until he died in his mid 30's. All his brothers had all their
hair until they died much older. My father still has all his hair.
I do not know about his parent's or grandparents.

Is it possible that his is just normal hairloss and not balding?

-Alan Waterman

Sun, 10 Aug 1997 02:56:20 GMT
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