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Prostate Cancer Most Common Among U.S. Men

Thursday, February 13, 2003

Washington (Reuters) - Prostate cancer, recently
diagnosed in both Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry and
television evangelist Pat Robertson, is the single most
common form of cancer in U.S. men.

It will affect an estimated 220,900 men this year,
according to the American Cancer Society, and will kill
nearly 29,000.

Lung cancer is much more deadly. It will affect 171,000
Americans in 2003, according to the ACS, and will kill
157,000, including 88,000 men. {*filter*} cancer will affect
an estimated 212,000 U.S. women and will kill 40,000.

An American man has a 16 percent chance of developing
prostate cancer in his lifetime, but the disease has a
relatively low mortality rate because it is a slow-
growing cancer, easily cured if caught early.

A quick exam can establish whether the prostate is
enlarged -- one symptom of the disease, but an enlarged
prostate is not necessarily a cancerous one.

Kerry, like many prostate cancer patients, had his
prostate surgically removed this week and is expected to
recover fully.

New surgical techniques have also helped prostate cancer
patients. Surgery often left men impotent, incontinent,
or both, but surgeons now can often remove the walnut-
sized gland with little damage to surrounding nerves. . . .
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