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 Restless Leg Syndrome Info

The September-October 1994 issue of "Modern Maturity" Magazine has an
excellent article titled "Night Walkers...Do your legs seem to have a life of
their own?  Your torment has a name" by Robert Yoakum.  The article also
provides an address to get more information:  send a self-addressed stamped
business-size envelope to RLS Foundation-MM, PO Box 314, 514 Daniels St.,
Raleigh, NC  27605.  

Medications include:  Sinemet CR for severe RLS; Sinemet with other
dopamine-like {*filter*} liek Permax (pergolid) or Parlodel (bromocriptine).  The
most favored benzodiazepine for mild cases of RLS is Klonopin (clonazepam).  A
neurologist should carefully monitor anyone taking these prescriptions.

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