3d-em-human head model 
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 3d-em-human head model

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
we, the ZIAM GmbH, Herzogenrath, Germany is occupied with the application of
parallel computers on engineering problems. One topic is the simulation of
electromagnetic fields in the field of electromagnetic compatibility. We are
especially interested in simulating big models to test the performance of our
computers and to modify our solvers in terms of time savings. We are working
on different fields like lightning simulation, microwave hardening, anechoic
chamber simulation and design and in the field of simulation of
bioelectromagnetic effects. Especially the last point is of special interest.
We are doing some research on this field. We e.g. use simulation
systems to determine the scattered fields and SAR (specific absorption rate)
of arbitrarily shaped bodies. Therefore it is possible, to simulate the fields
 in a human body, head due to electromagnetic radiation. This might serve a
very big finite difference model and is appropriate for our aims. These are
not of commercial nature, we only like to verify our algorithm and methods,
especially test runtimes on our machines and produce a good demonstration of
the methods.
But what we need is a 3d model of the human body with the properties
permeability, permittivity and conductivity for every location. We are of the
oppinion, that we might find someone in your community that could serve the
model, is interested in our tools and in co-operation or could give us
further information about other sources for modells.

Many thanks for reading my request and we would appreciate receiving an

post under the address
                 ZIAM GmbH
                 Kaiserstrasse 100
                 52134 Herzogenrath
                  02407/9567-19 tele
                            -15 FAX
Yours sincerely,

Dipl.-Ing. ET/TH Peter Wallmeier

Tue, 11 Feb 1997 21:01:50 GMT
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