RESULT: sci.engr.biomed passes 212: 13 
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 RESULT: sci.engr.biomed passes 212: 13

The vote for sci.engr.biomed has resulted in a consensus for group
creation; the tally was 212 yes votes and 13 no votes.  This meets
the water test of 100 more yes than no votes to qualify it as a
valid affirmative vote.

The purpose of the group is to facilitate discussions and the exchange
of information pertaining to the field of Biomedical Engineering.  Biomedical
Engineering being (but not limited to): design and manufacture of artificial
limbs and organs; scientific research involving medicine/the body and
artificial materials; mature discussions on ethical matters; computer
programs/hardware related to Biomed Engineering, data collection, and
electronic muscle stimulation; modeling/simulation of Biomed systems; and
schools/courses involved with Biomedical Engineering.

The votes received were:

Yes Votes

No Votes

The sci.engr.biomed vote.

Wed, 20 Jul 1994 14:10:13 GMT
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