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 finger tip ailment


My name is Muriel, I'm 80+ years old and I have a problem with a sore on the
tip of one of my fingers which will not improve despite much attention. If
someone out there in Internetland could offer any suggestions, please do:
thank you.  I'm not computer literate (yet) and a friend who believes in and
touts the power of the Internet is helping me - reply either in this

Injured nail-corner on middle finger right hand.

White pus pocket there: soaked in tepid water to remove.

3 tiny red pin-head spots in semi-cirlcle across flesh of finger tip above
nail edge: squeezed out watery red fluid.

Soaked in water, bactine, various lotions; kept dry, wrapped to avoid
bumping, protected by cots. Sores became raw, crusty, thin skinned.

Tried fungicides(tinactin, et al), triple antibiotic salve.

Finger got puffy, dull red to first joint, and one-third under top of nail:
numb, stiff, sore and stiff.

Dermatologist says not herpes, not fungus, maybe bacteria.

Dr. says may have to biopsy.

Any ideas or suggestions from someone with a similar past experience, or
educated guesses are welcome.

thank you.
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