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 Anti depressants

In reply to your question about the use of Fen fluramine in the treatment of  
depression, ther is an interesting article in the "The Journal Of Clinical  
Psychiatry" the september 1989 issue, you should be able to get it from one of  
the medical libraries.

However, I do know that fenfluramine has been a prescription drug mainly in  
France and other countries for the treatment of Obesity, and also heard that  
sometimes depression could be one of its side effects, recently more focus has  
been placed on its "sister drug" d-Fenfluramine on its use in SAD, and wieght  
lose has been reported with its use, but I don't think its available in the US  
It is thought that it mode of action could be to increase the availabilty of  
Recently, marketed in the US for depression is Fluoxetine (prozac) this is the  
first and highly potent serotonin reuptake inhibitor and represents a new class  
of antidepressants.

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