Conference: 2nd Extropy Institute Conference on Transhumanist Thought 
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 Conference: 2nd Extropy Institute Conference on Transhumanist Thought

I read the proceedings for last years' conference (Extro 1), and found
it quite worthwhile.  I'll be attending the next one in person.

Here's a quick table of the speakers I'm familiar with and how they
are relevant to the newsgroups this message is crossposted to:

Marvin Minsky (AI guru)                       
Michael Rothschild (Bionomics)                          sci.econ
Sharon Presley "Critical Thinking about Authority"    sci.psychology
Chris Heward "Human Life Extension"         ,
Bart Kosko (fuzzy logic)                      
Ray Sahelian (life extension {*filter*})           ,
Tom Morrow (polycentric law)                  
McFadzean & Kittlitz (WWW / ideas futures)          comp.infosystems.www,
Max More (Extropian philosopher)                        alt.philosophy.objectivism,

I expect to encounter new ideas at the conference that I wouldn't have
imagined otherwise, so it's no surprise that I can't immediately
classify some of the speakers into newsgroups.  I also expect to run
into an interesting bunch of people to hang out with.

To find out what shared interest brings such a diverse group to one
conference, use your favorite WWW browser to check out the URL
    http://www.***.com/ ~arkuat/exi/faq/exifaq.html


                                      E X T R O - 2

T h e  2 n d  E x t r o p y  I n s t i t u t e   C o n f e r e n c e
             o n   T r a n s h u m a n i s t   T h o u g h t

June 17-18 1995 at the Miramar Sheraton, Santa Monica, California

EXTRO-2 will be a rich, intellectually invigorating gathering designed to
help push outward the boundaries of progress and possibility. It will be
both a serious study and a spirited celebration of humanity's limitless
potential and how it will be achieved. Besides presentations of accepted
papers, the conference will feature lectures by leading thinkers, panel
discussions, the Extropy Awards banquet, and impromptu parties.

S  E  S  S  I  O  N  S

Keynote Speaker:

P  R O F.  M A R V I N  M I N S K Y, of MIT
"The father of artificial intelligence"
author of _The Society of Mind_.

Michael Rothschild, author of _Bionomics: Economy As Ecology_, Executive
Director of the Bionomics Institute.

Sharon Presley, Ph.D., Executive Director of Resources for Independent
Thinking: "Critical Thinking about Authority: Resisting Social Influence
and Unjust Authority."

Chris Heward, Ph.D.: "Human Life Extension in 1995 -- The State of the Art."

Bart Kosko, Ph.D., author of _Fuzzy Thinking_, and textbooks on neural
networks and fuzzy systems, and frequent contributor to Liberty.

Reilly Jones: "A History of Extropic Thought: Parallel Conceptual
Development of Technicism and Humanism."

FM-2030, author of _Upwingers_, _Optimism One_, and _Are You a Transhuman?_

Ray Sahelian, M.D.: Deprenyl, Melatonin, and other life-enhancing

Tom Morrow, J.D.: Topic on Law and Economics to be announced.

Harry S. Hawk, with Steve Arbuss and others to be announced: The Extropian
Virtual Community and the Future of the Net.

David McFadzean & Ken Kittlitz: A World Wide Web Implementation of the
Ideas Futures Market.

Nancie Clark, and others to be announced, on art and transhumanism.

Marcus Krummenacker: Intellectual Property Rights.

We expect to show trailers for two video documentaries in progress, on
extropian themes.

L O C A T I O N:
 Our second conference will be held at the elegant and
superbly-located Miramar Sheraton in Santa Monica, California. If you
attended Extro-1, you'll find the Miramar to be a major upgrade in

The tower rooms offer an excellent view, and the bungalows (a little
more expensive) are spacious, classy rooms including stereo, TV, video,
bar, and some with a _large_ bath able to accommodate several people.
For sheer pleasure and maximum convenience you might want to rent a
room at the Miramar. Conference attendees will receive about 30% off
regular room rates (bringing the tower rooms down to $140 if you reserve
before May 26th. Less expensive accommodation is available nearby.

The Miramar Sheraton has recently been renovated, and will have a new
cafeteria and large outdoor hot tub. The beach is a minute's walk away,
as is the 3rd Street Promenade with its large number of restaurants,
cafes, movie theaters, and bookstores.

(If you tell us you want more information, we'll send you prices and
availability of other hotels in the area, of which there are many. We will
also be coordinating the provision of inexpensive accommodation at the
homes of local Extropians.)

Miramar Sheraton reservations:  310-576-7777
101 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90401

The registration fee includes a copy of the EXTRO-2 Proceedings volume,
which will be available a few weeks after the conference.

REGISTRATION FEES:      Before Apr 1    After Apr 1     At the door

ExI MEMBERS:            $135            $155            $165
   Students/non-profit  $90             $110            $115

NON-MEMBERS:            $160            $180            $190
   Students/non-profit: $95             $120            $125

You may subtract $30 if you will not be attending the Saturday evening
banquet and Extropy Awards presentation.

Documentation for special student/non-profit rate is required; thank you.

[ ] Please send me further information on EXTRO-2 as it becomes available.

[ ] Please send me information on hotels in the area and accommodation
provided by local Extropians.

[ ] I want to reserve a copy of the conference Proceedings. (Price to be
determined; probably around $30.)

[ ] I want a vegetarian meal at the banquet.

Mail to: Extropy Institute, 13428 Maxella Avenue, #273, Marina Del Rey,
CA 90292

Inquiries to the above address, or to (310) 398-0375, or

This information updated February 16 1995

Tim Freeman

Mon, 13 Oct 1997 03:00:00 GMT
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