restless leg syndrome and muscle stimulators 
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 restless leg syndrome and muscle stimulators

        Have there been any studies regarding the effectiveness of treating
restless leg sydrome with muscle stimulators? Perhaps my experience and
successful treatment with the stimulators is an exceptional case.

        About 6 years ago I developed RLS, and for about a year I suffered
many a sleepless night. The only way to get rid of that creepy, crawling
feeling in my right leg was to pound my thigh quite hard with my fist, or
sleep with pressure applied to a certain area of my thigh (lying on a
rolled up towel seemed to work).  A year later, my physiatrist happened
to prescribed electical muscle stimulator therapy to help build up
my leg muscles, which are underdeveloped due to my having been born
with arthrogroposis. After about a week of the therapy, which involves
wearing (while sleeping) electrodes through which is passed a small current
generated from a small "Walkman-like" unit, my RLS had disappeared. Every
now and then it comes back, but 1 or 2 nights of wearing the stimulators
usually takes care of it.

        Mine might be an usual case, a coincidence perhaps. But it might
be worth looking into this form of therapy as opposed to drug therapy. The
only draw back, of course, is the cost of the muscle stimulator unit. I paid
around $1000 Cdn around 6 years ago. Perhaps the price has dropped since

Mon, 11 Nov 1996 01:06:23 GMT
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