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 New Listing: Medical Terminology *.TXT file

This file was created in EXCEL 5.0 to be used for import to spreadsheet
and word processing programs as desired. It was created primarily from  
*Medical Terminology for the Health Professions, 2nd Edition, Delmar
publishing, Inc., 1993, Ann Ehrlich.* If you would like to contribute to

Please provide sources for new listings if applicable. I periodically
post separately this document to the follwing news groups: &

TERM    DESCRIPTION    *=suffix
A-      "away from, negative, without"
Ab-     away from
Abdomin/o       abdominal
abdominal cavity        "abdomen,contains major digestive organs"
Abdominalpelvic cavity  abdomen
ac*     pertaining/relating to
Ad-     "toward,movin direction of"
Aden/o  gland
Adenalgia       pain in a gland
Adenoma benign tumor in which cells form recognizable glandular
Adenomalacia    abnormal softening of a gland
Adenosis        disease condition of a gland
al*     pertaining/relating to
algia*  "pain,suffering"
Ambi-   "both,both sides"
Anaplasia       cellular structural change in orientation with each
Anter/o front
anterior        front
Aplasia lack of development of an organ or tissue
Arteri/o        artery
Benign  nonrecurring with a favorable chance of recovery
Bi-     two
bilateral       having or pertaining to two sides
Cardi/o heart
Caud/o  tail
caudal  toward tail or lower part
cell membrane   structure surrounding and protecting a cell
centesis*       surgical puncture to remove fluid
Cephal/o        toward head
Cephalic        toward head
con{*filter*} disorder     present at birt and not due to genetic factors
Connective tissue       holds organs in place;binds body parts together
coronal plan    "frontal plane,rt. angle to sagittal plane"
cranial cavity  contains the brain(part of dorsal cavity)
Crin/o  secrete
Cystic fibrosis "exocrine gen. disord.,abn. thick secretions of mucus"
Cyto/o  cell
Cytology        "study of cells:orgin,structure,function,pathology"
Cytoplasm       material within the cell not including nucleus
diaphram        separates thoracic and abdominal cavities
Dist/o  far
distal  away from midline or beginning of body structure
dorsal  back of body
dorsal cavity   contains structures of the nervous system
Down's syndrome Trisomy 21 gen. disord.; mental retardation and multiple
dynia*  pain
Dys-    "difficult,painful,bad"
Dysplasia       abnormal development or growth
ectomy-*        surgical removal
Endocrine glands        glands which secrete hormones firectly into the
{*filter*} stream
Endothelium     Epithelial tissue;lines internal organs and {*filter*}
epi*    "upon,above,on,upper"
Epithelial tissue       covers internal and external surfaces of the
Epithelium      Epithelial tissue;covers external surfaces of the body
Exo-    out of
Exocrine glands duct glands which secrete chemical substances
frontal plan    "coronal plane,rt. angle to sagittal plane"
Genes   located in the chromosomes;carry heredity information
genetic disorder        hereditary disorder;disease/condition that is
genetically determined
gram*   picture or record
graph*  picture or record
graphy* process of recording a picture or record
hereditary disorder     genetic disorder;disease/condition that is
genetically determined
Hist/o  tissue
Histology       "study of tissues;structure,composition,function"
Homeostasis     maintaining a constant internal environment
horizontal plane        transverse plane
Hyper-  "over,above,increased"
Hyperplasia     abnormal increase in the number of cells
Hypo-   "below,under,decreased"
Hypoplasia      incomplete development of a tissue or organ
Infer/o beneath or below
inferior        lowermost/toward feet
Inter-  "between,among"
Intra-  "within,inside"
itis*   inflammation
Lapar/o abdomen
Laparorrhaphy   to suture the abdominal wall
Laparotomy      surgical incision through the abdominal wall
Laparscopy      visual examination of the interior of the abdomen
Later/o side
lateral toward side or away from midline of body or structure
left hypochondriac region       abdominal religion
left iliac region       abdominal religion
left lateral plane      abdominal religion
left lumbar region      abdominal religion
LLQ     "abdomen,Left Lower Quadrant"
LUQ     "abdomen,Left Upper Quadrant"
malacia*        abnormal softening
Malignant       "tending to spread,becoming progressively worse and
Medi/o  middle
medial  pertaining to the middle
megaly* large/enlargement
midsagittal plane       midline
Ne/o    "new,strange"
necrosis*       tissue death
Neoplasm        tumor
Neur/o  nerve
Neuritis        inflammation nerve(s)
Neuroma benign neoplasm made up of neurons and nerve fibers
Nucle/o nucleus
Nuclei  plural for nucleus
Nucleoplasm     protoplasm within the nucleus of the cell
Nucleus material within cell that contains nucleoplasm and chromosomes
ology*  study of
osis*   "disease,abnormal condition"
ostomy* create surgically a mouth or opening
Pariet/o        wall
Parietal peritoneum     outer layer
Pelv/o  pelvic cavity
pelvic cavity   space formed by pelvic bones
Peri-   surrounding
Periton/o       peritoneum
Peritoneum      "abdomen,membrane which suspends organs"
Peritonitis     inflammation of the peritoneum
plasm*  formative substance
plasty* surgical repair
Poly-   many
Poster/o        back
posterior       back
Prot/o  first
Protoplasm      material that makes up the cell
Proxim/o        near
proximal        near midline or beginning of body structure
Retr/o  behind
Retroperitoneal located between peritoneum
right hypochondriac region      abdominal religion
right iliac region      abdominal religion
right lateral plane     abdominal religion
right lumbar region     abdominal religion
RLQ     "abdomen,Right Lower Quadrant"
rrage*  "bursting forth,abnormal or excessive flow"
rragia* "bursting forth,abnormal or excessive flow"
rrhaphy*        suture or stitch
rrhea*  flow or discharge
rrhexis*        rupture
RUQ     "abdomen,Right Upper Quadrant"
sagittal plane  parallel vertical plane to midsagittal plane
sclerosis*      abnormal hardening
scopy*  "see,visual examination"
spinal cavity   contains the spinal cord(part of dorsal cavity)
stenosis*       abnormal tightening or narrowing
Sub-    "under,less,below"
Super-  "above,excessive,beyond"
Super/o "above,higher"
superior        uppermost/toward head
Supra-  "above,excessive,beyond"
Tay-Sachs disease       "gen. disord.;progressive physical degen., ment.
retard., early death"
Thorac/o        chest
thoracic cavity chest cavity
Tonsill/o       tonsil
transpyloric plane      abdominal religion
transverse plane        horizontal plane
Trisomy 21      Down's syndrome gen. disord.; mental retardation and
multiple defects
ventral front/belly side of body
ventral cavity  contains organs that maintain Homeostasis
vertical plane  vertical
Viscer/o        "viscera,internal organs"
Visceral peritoneum     inner layer

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