post viral chronic fatigue 
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 post viral chronic fatigue

I came down with an upper respiratory tract infection 6 weeks ago and    
have been unable to shake it. I've been getting acupuncture once or twice  
per week, combined with cups and moxabustion, and taking echinacea and a
Chinese cough medicine called 'African sea-cocnut {*filter*}liquid'. Both the
doctor and the acupuncturist call it 'post viral chronic fatigue.'

The doctor has tested for Ross River & Barmah fevers (I'm in Australia)    
pertussis and mycoplasma. I still have heaviness and tightness in the chest,  
body aches, abnormally low levels of energy, and tire easily
(e.g., had to lie down for an hour and a half after going to a museum
exhibit!) I'm only able to  work about six hours per day, and that with

Any advice on dealing with this?

(e-mail preferred)

Dana Lear, DrPH
Centre for Public Health Research
Queensland University of Technology
Red Hill QLD 4059

Sat, 11 Oct 1997 03:00:00 GMT
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