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 Formula 2001

The History

Formula 2001 was designed by a Chinese doctor with many
years of classical herbal experience.  His family have
used remedies for many generations (500 years), their
secrets being passed from one generation to the next.  
In the 1980s the secret, ancient, herbal formulation was
synergised with a United States Department of Agriculture
patented product - Chromium Picolinate.  After several
years of formulating and adapting to field trials, todays
product was developed and subsequently introduced to the
consumer market in the USA at the end of 1980.

The secret of its success

Formula 2001 is a unique blend of 14 natural, specialised
herbs that work in a complementary manner with the mineral
Chromium Picolinate.  The exact ratio of each herb is the
secret to its effectiveness.  Minute differences in
quantities and ratios have profound effects on the functional
value of each herb (synergism).  Only through generations
of trials has this unique, synergistically balanced,
combination of herbs evolved.

How Does it work?

Formula 2001 is known as a Nutritional Thermogenic Formulation.  
Thermogenic or energising formulations offer a reliable and
extremely pleasing increase in vigour, vitality and general
sense of well being.  The combination actually stimulates the
basal metabolic rate, which means you 'burn' more calories,
even when resting.  There is an even more exciting effect from
these thermogenic formulas (for those who battle with endless
dieting), WEIGHT LOSS.  But not only weight loss, there is no
listlessness or lethargy usually experienced when on a calorie
reduced diet.  By normalising {*filter*} sugar levels, even the hunger
pangs and cravings are substantially reduced.

Formula 2001 is a natural herbal product, there is no {*filter*}ive
Formula 2001 is, and should be taken as a">food supplement.
Formula 2001 contains nutrients, is suitable for VEGANS,

Dr Julian Kenyon M.D., M.B.,Ch.B, an internationally renowned
authority and practitioner in the field of Complementary and
Nutritional Medicine with over 20 years experience, is retained,
to advise on any relevant medical questions concerning Formula
2001.  He conducted his own field trials and writes:- 'I have
rarely seen a product that works so effectively.  Whether it is
fatigue, excess weight, an insatiable appetite, depression
seems to have something to offer everyone, and I would recommend
it for any {*filter*}'

Of the thousands of letters we have received from people who are
taking Formula 2001 on a regular basis here are a sample of
extracts they write:-

'Formula 2001 has balanced my metabolic rate... I can hardly
believe I shed 7lbs in the last week'  Mavis Cousins, England.

'taking 3 tablets before my 2 hour workout, I noticed that I am
not as shattered as usual at the end of a session'  Phil Luzar,  
Mr Great Britain 1992

For further information, ordering, product ingredients -  email
or write me.  

There are earnings to be had in promoting Formula 2001- if
interested  please let me know.

Thank you for your time in reading this.  I was not to sure if
this was an appropriate newsgroup to announce this.  If I have
offended anyone, I am sorry.  I truly believe this can enhance
everyones life.  It has done wonders for my health as well as my
wife and childrens.

My address details:  John Mehrabi. Formula 2001.  Halleaths.  
Lochmaben.  LOCKERBIE.  Scotland.  U.K.  DG11 1LS.


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