ANN:New Book: Artificial Intelligence in Hazardous Applications 
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 ANN:New Book: Artificial Intelligence in Hazardous Applications

I thought readers of this list might be interested in this book.  For
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Safe and Sound
Artificial Intelligence in Hazardous Applications
John Fox and Subrata Das

Computer science and artificial intelligence are increasingly used in
the hazardous and uncertain realms of medical decision making, where
small faults or errors can spell human catastrophe. This book describes,
from both practical and theoretical perspectives, an AI technology for
supporting sound clinical decision making and safe patient management.
The technology combines techniques from conventional software
engineering with a systematic method for building intelligent agents.
Although the focus is on medicine, many of the ideas can be applied to
AI systems in other hazardous settings. The book also covers a number of
general AI problems, including knowledge representation and expertise
modeling, reasoning and decision making under uncertainty, planning and
scheduling, and the design and implementation of intelligent agents.

The book, written in an informal style, begins with the medical
background and motivations, technical challenges, and proposed
solutions. It then turns to a wide-ranging discussion of intelligent and
autonomous agents, with particular reference to safety and hazard
management. The final section provides a detailed discussion of the
knowledge representation and other aspects of the agent model developed
in the book, along with a formal logical semantics for the language.

John Fox is Head of the Advanced Computation Lab at the Imperial Cancer
Research Fund and Professor in the Intelligent Systems Group at
University College London, United Kingdom. Subrata Das is Principal
Scientist at Charles River Analytics, Inc., Cambridge, Massachusetts.

6 x 9, 300 pp., cloth ISBN 0-262-06211-9
AAAI Press

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