Summer fruit canning & Prunus tomentosa bushcherry 
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 Summer fruit canning & Prunus tomentosa bushcherry

I take my word back. I do like bushcherries.  I was upset this spring in
several of the bushes were turning to a scary yellow instead of the
green. But this year some of those bushes gave me some excellent eating
cherries. They are half way as sweet as a sweet cherry and much better
than the sour cherries. But the flesh is too small compared to a sour

I finally concluded that I will continue to propagate and raise more

I am in another full swing canning operation for this summer. Although
as much as last year where I canned over 300 liter jars of assorted
fruits and
tomato and pickles. I need tomatoes for spaghetti and for thousandisland

dressing. I need pickles for hamburgers and tartar sauce and

I found out that I liked applesauce better than apple chunks. I did the
because they are faster to can. But this year should do more applesauce
the blender. I found out I liked cinnamon with the applesauce and a
batch of
ginger applesauce.

This year was overabundant in fruits and expect most of it to go to

But this year should have some plums to can which I did not have last

I am keeping my total number of cans fixed at 300 liters for I seem not
able to eat all of those 300 liters throughout the winter.

Sour cherry canning is going great this year in that the trees are super

abundant and few are wormy. I like to mix sour cherries with
and juneberries and gooseberries and currants. A mix is better than
sour cherries. I need to work on getting raspberries and grapes into the

orchards but for some reason of this climate those do not do very well.

I forgotten the chemical in sour cherries that is supposedly good for
thwarting. Anyone know the acidity of sour cherries and whether it has
vitamin C than lemons and oranges?

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Sun, 18 Dec 2005 02:21:05 GMT
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