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 NOSE Info?

I am asking these questions for my cousin whose usenet access is temporarily
unavailable.  I'm not the med. student, he is.  So please excuse any obvious
  He has 2 questions:

        1) Does anybody have information (or know where such info is accessible)
on possible differences in the makeup of nasal cartilage.  Is it all Hyaline or
are there elastic fibers or elastic cartilages in the nose? (whatever that means
8-)  )

        2) Does anybody know of any studies done on the differences in the
thickness of nasal skin from proximal to distal. and b) any similar info on
studies done on the distribution of Sebaceous glands from proximal to distal.

        Since he doesn't have USENET access now please e-mail your responses
to either:


                                        Thank you in advance.
                                                --Avi Adler

Mon, 20 Jan 1997 22:25:58 GMT
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