Side-effects of Zoloft? 
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 Side-effects of Zoloft?

  What are the side-effects of Zoloft, especially any that might take
  a few weeks to show up or build up?

  Since January I have been in a cycle of virus after virus (low fever,
  chills, sweats, muscle aches, very tired), with no cause found yet.

  Today my M.D. suggested that maybe it's a side effect of the Zoloft
  which I started taking at the end of November.  At the time it gave
  me G.I. distress and made me very tired, but those symptoms subsided
  after about a week.

  Any known side-effects of Zoloft that might lower immune system
  function over the period of a couple months?  I'm taking it in
  combination with primidone and prinivil, so the combinations of
  interactions are a unknown also.

  Kathy Harris

Tue, 28 Nov 1995 01:21:55 GMT
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