National Organ Donor Awareness legistlation needs help! 
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 National Organ Donor Awareness legistlation needs help!

Reproducing a letter dated March 9 received from UNOS:

        Several weeks ago, Indiana Congressman Andy Jacobs introduced into
the House a measure proclaiming the third week of April as National Organ
and Tissue Donor Awareness Week.  In order to pass the House, this resolution
requires 218 co-sponsors, or one half of the entire House of Representatives.
So far, Congressman Jacobs' office has only received approximately 60 co-
sponsors.  South Carolina Senator Strom Thurmond has graciously accepted the
responsibility of introducing the legistlation in the Senate.  It takes 50
co-sponsors to pass in the Senate.
        In order for "H.J.Resolution 94" to pass, we need each and every
one of you to call or write your Congressional representative, as soon as
possible, and encourage him or her to sponsor this legistlation.  This
commemorative resolution enables the transplant community to sponsor
local programs to heighten individuals' awareness of the critcal need for
organ donation.  As many of you know, the national patient waiting list topped
the 30,000 mark two weeks ago.
        If you need assistance locating your Congressional or Senate
representative's Washington, D.C. telephone number or address, or any other
information about the resolution, please contact Wanda Bond at the UNOS
Corporate Communications Department at (804)330-8561 or 1-800-292-9548.

(And if you do call UNOS, tell the computerphobes that you read this on the

Sat, 09 Sep 1995 21:45:13 GMT
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