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 Infection Control Newsletter

MedAir has recently made its World Wide Web home page available on the
Internet.  It is MedAir's goal to start and maintain a newsletter on
infection control as part of our page so that we can share information
with interested individuals on relevant literature, government regulations
and new products.  This will be supplied in both .html and text format.  
The first issue of the newsletter can be accessed from the home page listed
below.  We need the input of anyone working in the dental and medical
fields or academia who want to contribute ideas or information to the
newsletter in order to make this an interactive forum.  E-mail access for
submitting comments is available on the home page at:
' http://www.***.com/ ~medair'.  

We appreciate your input and involvement.

Susan Kutor

Mon, 13 Oct 1997 03:00:00 GMT
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