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 Ibogaine - web page contents

The Ibogaine web page revisions are are approaching completion.  
Ibogaine is a medication originally found in rain forest plants of
West Central Africa is now being developed for its anti-{*filter*}ive
effects. It appears effective fm priminary work for both opiate
nacotics and stimulants such as {*filter*}. Their are links to other
sites as well as, links within articles (see Adriaans in clinical
perspectives).  The current Web page contents are as follows:

1)  Ibogaine:  A Hrief History
2)  ICAA 1996 Amsterdam.  Speakers and subjects
3)  Ibogaine in Drug Detoxification. From Preclinical Studies to    
 Clinical Trials.
4)  Ibogaine in the treatment of chemical dependence disorders:    
clinical perspectives.
5)  Ibogaine, psychotherapy, and the treatment of substance-related
6)  Ibogaine in the treatment of narcotic withdrawal.
7)  Pharmacodynamics and therapeutic applications of iboga and      
8)  The Necessity of {*filter*} Self-Help Involvement in Ibogaine      
Treatment Procedures.
9)  Netherlands Hallucinogen Research 1950 - 1970.
10) Ibogaine, a brief scientific bibliography -  over 60 abstracts.
11) Ibogaine Treatment -  availability.

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