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> A relative was just in the hospital for a bleeding ulcer.
> The doctors have given precious little guidance re. ok and
> not ok stuff to eat.

Contrary to popular belief, diet has little if anything to do with the
development of, or the healing rate of peptic ulcer disease. The most
important things to avoid are aspirin (and other non-steroidal anti-
inflammatory {*filter*} "NSAIDs"), tobacco, and large amounts of {*filter*}. Dietary
restriction should be avoidance of those foods which cause pain in the early
healing phase.

If jalapenos hurt, don't eat 'em.

Bland diets have no proven benefit in the treatment of ulcers.

Doug Dozier, M.D., (gastroenterologist)

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Mon, 19 Apr 1993 03:54:00 GMT
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