Stretching and weightlifting for children. 
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 Stretching and weightlifting for children.

I am looking for information pertaining to stretching and
weightlifting for children ages 5-15.  I am more interested in
information on the stretching, since there has been much
writen on the weightlifting aspect,  but if there are any new
studies out that may refute the opinions that weightlifting is
detrimental to ligament growth in this age group, then I would
be interested in that.  

I am also interested in any medical studies that have been
done on the psychological and physiological aspects of
children 5-15 training in the martial arts.  

Finally, if anyone knows of any studies on Kinesiology and
physical learning that have been done with this age group, I
would like some references on that.

Any help would be wonderful.

Greg Hooten

Mon, 19 Apr 1993 19:40:00 GMT
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