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 Chelation for heart

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MKSS>Date: Mon, 8 May 1995 23:24:46 GMT

MKSS>can you send me the citations for these references?

MKSS>I agree with your sentiments, unfortunately, as you and I know, if we
MKSS>applied the same rule to all areas of current orthodox medicine, there
MKSS>would be very few treatments left to give to our patients. There is a
MKSS>subtle hypocrisy that we medics succumb to when ever it is a non-medic
MKSS>who comes up with a new treatment -"It must be dubious". However, I have
MKSS>seen some very dubious, if not grossly outdated, medicine PERFORMED BY
MKSS>MEDICS. Yet the profession deems it appropriate, under the guise of
MKSS>clinical freedom, to let our colleague carry on.

MKSS>I am just getting my asbestos pants on - I can feel the flames coming....

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For complete information about chelation therapy, including citations and
references, telnet to:, The Alternative Medicine Connection,
also dial up to: (703) 471-4865. There's no sense trying to post
objective information here, as it just inspires the flamers to action.

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Thu, 06 Nov 1997 03:00:00 GMT
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