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 Sleep disorder cured by m

     Subject: Sleep disorder cured by mineral supplements?!?

R(>  I'd welcome any thoughts on my condition, as described below.  I'm
R(>  currently being assessed by a sleep disorder clinic......
R(>  ==> I've had some sort of excessive daytime sleepiness condition since
R(>      I was about 20.  (I'm 42 now.).......
R(>  ==> Chronic, moderate nasal congestion and susceptibility to sinus
R(>      blockage.......
R(>  ==> My normal body temperature never goes above 36.8C (98.2F), unless I
R(>      have a fever; and late at night or first thing in the morning, my
R(>      temperature is typically around 36.1C (97.0F)......
R(>  ==> I am moderately overweight, and have steadily gained weight over the
R(>      years despite attempts to slim down.  I'm currently at around 200 lb
R(>      (I'm 5'8" with a medium build).
R(>  Further experimentation with individual ingredients in the aforemen-
R(>  tioned pill has led me to take about 500 mg extra magnesium, and 1 mg
R(>  (1000 ug) extra iodine, per day.....
R(>  ==> The "fluttering eyes and twitching legs" symptoms are about 90% gone
R(>      now......
R(>  ==> My nasal congestion has almost completely cleared up.....
R(>  ==> My maximum body temperature seems to have gone up a bit, to 36.9C
R(>      (98.4F); and my waking temperature in the morning is higher too --
R(>      36.3 or 36.4C (97.3 or 97.5F).....
R(>  ==> My general energy level seems much improved.......
R(>  The people I've talked to there have never heard of such a thing and
R(>  were basically at a loss to explain it (conventional sleep disorders do
R(>  =not= respond to this kind of treatment).

 There are treatments that address the cause, and there are treatments
 that only deal with the symptoms.  Looks like you've chosen a clinic
 whose doctors or technicians only experiment with the latter.

R(>  As for what the magnesium/iodine connections might be, I have no idea.
R(>  It seems a bit far-fetched that my diet would really have been deficient
R(>  in these things for twenty years.....

 Magnesium deficiencies are quite common, especially if a lot of
 dairy products are consumed.  Iodine deficiencies - depending on
 your locale - are *very* common; in fact, better than 90% of people
 I have tested in the last dozen years in and around Ontario have
 shown to be enough iodine deficient to warrant supplementation.

R(>  I should probably also mention that my family doctor, before she agreed
R(>  to refer me to the sleep clinic, did a standard set of {*filter*} tests on
R(>  me -- including thyroid function tests -- and everything seemed normal.

 Not to worry - many of these tests come back "normal" even when done
 on corpses.

R(>  I know there's a raging controversy these days over whether people with
R(>  normal thyroid test results may nevertheless have a form of hypothyroid-
R(>  ism and I suppose there could be a connection between that and iodine.

 Quite possible.  These tests reflect *average* levels/requirements,
 but you are an individual.  How many people fit into "standard-size"
 shoes, hats, suits, etc...?  
 Also, different genetic types have different chemical needs.

R(>  So . . . any ideas, anyone?  I would prefer things that I can either try
R(>  myself or that I can bring up with "conventional" doctors with some hope
R(>  that I will be taken seriously.
R(>       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      
R(>  Rich Wales

 That depends on whether you want to please your body or some doctor
 - though it looks as if you are on the right track already with what
 you are doing.  Don't expect the average MD to give you more than a
 blank stare when you bring up the subject of minerals, nutrition, or
 their effects on health and disease, but you could always consult
 someone that is practicing nutrition-oriented medicine for some
 professional guidance.

 The only thing I would personally recommend until then is to take
 the magnesium in the evening to take advantage of its calming effect.
 B-complex vitamins should be taken earlier in the day, but while they
 may initially decrease daytime sleepiness I wouldn't get carried with
 them as large amounts may eventually lead to increasing irritability,
 mild insomnia, muscle tension, and lots of other undesirable goodies.

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 Sleep disorder cured by m

Can you say: "HYPOCHONDRIAC"?   Monitoring your basal body temp, and eye
twitches?  This person is obviously overly concerned with bodily
functions.  Get out in the real world and let your body take care of

Sun, 27 Oct 1996 04:54:25 GMT
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