Revolutionary treatment for spider veins! 
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 Revolutionary treatment for spider veins!

HEBU Varex-B by Prof. Dr. H.R. Willmen MD

Microprocessor controlled HF equipment for bipolar spider web coagulation
simple operation
maximum safety
modern, clearly arranged design
easy-wipe disinfecting
safe compact construction using the latest SMD technique

Bipolar electrocoagulation of spider webs with a newly developed
coagulation fork

Since January 1993 we have been using in our clinic a coagulation fork,
which has been developed by us, for the elimination of spider veins. To do
this tissue segments from 0.4 to 0.6 cm are {*filter*}ed at their base with an
insulated needle through which a short HF pulse is passed to eliminate them
by thrombosis.

By insulating the proximal part of the needle to the base burning of the
outer surface of the skin is largely avoided.

Until now no celoids has been observed in the puncture area. The puncture
wounds heal perfectly within two to eight weeks.

Reservations for workshops, which are being prepared, and questions should
be addressed to:

Medphar Benelux c.v.
Herbenusstraat 95 D31
6211 RB  Maastricht
The Netherlands
tel/fax: ++31-43-3258593

http://www.***.com/ ~medphar/

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