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Recently, I have been prescribed Lanoxin for some heart rhythm problems
in the atrial area. The dosage is .25 mg once a day. Previously, for the
condition I was taking 30 mg Cardizem 3 x day. The cardiologist upped
the Cardizem to 60 mg 3 x day and added the Lanoxin. (Note: I do not
have high {*filter*} pressure - the Cardizem was prescribed to slow down the
heart rate. The BP readings I get in the Dr's ofc are about 125/70 yet
at home on the unit I have - one of those jobs I got at the pharmacy
for $40, I get readings of 94/65).

I seem to be having some gastrointestinal problems relating to either
the lanoxin, the additional cardizem - or the combination of the 2
{*filter*}. I do suffer from irritable bowel syndrome and am very
susceptible to problems in that area. In addition, I am seem to be
"wiped out" a lot of the time - just don't have the stamina I had
several months ago.

The cardiologist says these medications are usually well tolerated and I
am afraid he thinks I am a difficult patient who is over reacting. What
can I say, I just don't feel well a lot of the time - this is not normal
for me.

I got a clean bill of health from the gastroenterologist - and the
internist says everything looks okay to him - so where do I go from

Is there anyone out there with any experience with these two {*filter*},
either alone or in combination?
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Fri, 15 Aug 1997 10:26:00 GMT
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