Ventrel Hernia - Incisional Hernia - Laparocele 
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 Ventrel Hernia - Incisional Hernia - Laparocele

I am a Medicine and Surgery Student of Modena University - Italy.
I am working about a classification of Ventral Hernia (incisional Hernia). In Italian it is called
My goal is to create a "standard one-way classification" to classificate ventral hernia in a way
that take in consideration the entity of the damage and the physical characteristic of the patient.
I am waiting anyone can help me.

Best Regards
Gianni Bocchi

Emergency Surgery - 3rd Surgery Division
Medicine and Surgery Modena's University

Policlinico di Modena
Via Del Pozzo 71
41100 Italy

Int. Phone (+39) 338 8149525
Croce Rossa Parma 0521 964320

Private Address

3, B.go S. Giuseppe
43100 Parma Italia
Phone 0521 283876

Sat, 27 Nov 1999 03:00:00 GMT
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