Laparoscopy & Inguinal Hernia 
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 Laparoscopy & Inguinal Hernia

        Hi all,

        I have been diagnosed as suffering from an inguinal hernia.
        I currently don't get much pain from it but my doctor has
        recommended it be operated on in the next month or so.
        I recently read about various operations being performed
        using a laparoscope and the articles mentioned that they
        have had reasonable success using the technique on hernias.

        The time off work is the main factor (the post operative pain
        or discomfort another) which has stirred my interest in new
        techniques. The method has only been used in this way in
        Australia during the last few months. So, bearing this in
        mind, does anyone out there have any recommendations/advice
        or information etc on these operations or other options
        I might pursue?

        Thanks and regards,     Phil Roddy
                                Sydney Australia

Sun, 01 Jan 1995 06:16:32 GMT
 Laparoscopy & Inguinal Hernia
You might try posting a message to the endometriosis mailing list.
A LOT of these women have undergone laproscopies and most have had
some surgical removal of tissues during this procedure. The address to post

than happy to forward directly to you any replies you may get if you choose
not to join the list (I'm assuming you DON'T have endometriosis and therefore
have no interest in joining the list).

Fri, 13 Jan 1995 21:58:23 GMT
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