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 Blue Green Algae


   Does anybody have any information on Blue Green Algae?  From a
brochure given at a party, the company that harvests BGA makes some
amazing claims. Some of the more outstanding ones are:

  o  brain nourishment from "neuro-peptides"
  o  bga is an appetite suppressant
  o  an all day source of mental and physical energy
  o  improved memory
  o  mental clearity and focus
  o  improved digestion
  o  greater enjoymnet of life

   Some of the comments people have made about it:

    "You really have to believe in it; you can't take it with a negative

    "My husband uses it and won't quit taking it."

    "Some people take it and don't notice any improvement until they stop
     taking it"

   It sounds as if BGA is an {*filter*}ive substance. At a cost of one dollar
per day, are there benefits from BGA, other than an increase in
chlorophyll consumption, that one couldn't get from a multivitamin supplement
and speed?

Mike Fox

Mike Fox

Mon, 19 Apr 1993 21:13:00 GMT
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