Imitrex and heart attacks? 
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 Imitrex and heart attacks?

My girlfriend just started taking Imitrex for her migraine headaches.  Her
neurologist diagnosed her as having depression and suffering from rebound
headaches due to daily doses of analgesics.  She stopped taking all
analgesics and caffine as of last Thursday (4/15).  The weekend was pretty
bad, but she made it through with the help of Imitrex about every 18 hours.
 Her third injection of Imitrex, during the worst of the withdrawl on
Friday and six hours after the first of the day, left her very sick.  Skin
was flushed, sweating, vomiting and had severe headache pain.  It subsided
in an hour or so.  Since then, she has been taking Imitrex as needed to
control the pain.  Immediately after taking it, she has increased head pain
for ten minutes, dizziness and mild nausea and mild chest pains.  A friend
of hers mentioned that her doctor was wary of Imitrex because it had caused
heart attacks in several people.  Apparently the mild chest pains were
common in these other people prior to there attacks.  Is this just rumor?
Has anyone else heard of these symptoms?  My girlfriend also has Mitral
Valve Prolapse.

Opinions are mine or others but definately not MDA's!

McDonnell Douglas Aerospace, Huntington Beach, California, USA

Mon, 09 Oct 1995 06:53:02 GMT
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