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SO YOU HAVE HIGH {*filter*} CHOLESTEROL is a patient education booklet from the
National Heart, Lung, and {*filter*} Institute.  It identifies the cut points of
high, borderline-high, and desirable {*filter*} cholesterol levels of total and
LDL-choleste rol.  The booklet contains advice for changing diet, becoming more
physically active, and losing weight if necessary.  It also presents case
studies on high-risk individuals both with and without coronary heart disease.
The case studies highlight the necessary lifestyle changes to reduce their risk
of coronary heart disease.+The booklet is 34 pages.

The full text of the So You Have High {*filter*} Cholesterol is on the following
BBS's: Black Bag (610-454-7396), Cardioboar d (206-328-7876), Hippocampus
(203-484-4621), Medfirst (708-429-9160), Nurse Corner (407-299-4762), PC Nurse
(302-335-3 088), and Triology (410-880-0965). is an Ascii version
and is done in WordPerfect 5.1.

Download a copy and check it out.  The file contains an order form for copies
of the printed version.  You may also ord er the So You Have High {*filter*}
Cholesterol or any other NHLBI publication by sending a message to me on any of
the above

Users on Fidonet BBS's may request and rec eive the files directly from Black
Bag BBS via netmail.  Internet users may also download the file from the NHLBI
Gophe r (

Note that the electronic versions of other NHLBI publications (including the
NHLBI are also on t hese BBS's.  All the NHLBI's
publications are in the public domain.  You may adapt, photocopy, or otherwise
reproduce w ithout permission.  However, appropriate citation of the source is

Mon, 21 Apr 1997 21:02:14 GMT
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